As new state and federal consumer data privacy laws are passed, businesses must be able to respond to consumer requests to see what information has been collected about them, or requests to delete or opt-out of data being collected or used in the future.

Privacy for your business

In an attempt to meet deadlines, most businesses oversee and manage requests manually. This process carries a massive financial burden as requests increase, and higher volume means a higher potential for human error. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) alone is estimated to cost complying business between $460 million and $16 billion over the next 10 years.

CognitiveOps Security enterprise solutions
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Provide a way for consumers to request to opt-out with a “Do Not Sell My Info” link on their website or mobile app

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Provide a way to respond to requests to delete and/or opt-out within a specific time frame

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Provide the consumer a report of personal information collected/stored

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Maintain records of the request and how they have responded for 24+ months to demonstrate their compliance

How it works

This application takes a created Consumer Privacy Report with PII information and processes it to redact, hide, and mask the confidential information before it is delivered back to the consumer.

Consumer Data Privacy Solutions

CognitiveOps privacy leverages state-of-the-art Natureal Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques, including computer vision and entity recognition, to detect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and redact it based on an organization’s rules. The system can process structured ad unstructured content with equal ease, and includes a built-in supervised machine learning workflow that continuously improves over time.


There are workflow features that enable manual review and approval before delivery, but CognitiveOps Privacy does the heavy lifting in content detection and redaction. Automating the bulk of the work with AI makes the process easier, more efficient, and scalable based on demand, and our consumer-facing interface allows customers to track the progress of their request and receive their completed privacy reports electronically.

CognitiveOps Privacy helps businesses comply with the law efficiently and accurately.

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