How to Make Sure Your Company Data Stays Secure

How to Make Sure Your Company Data Stays Secure

In today’s business ecosystem, there is perhaps nothing quite as valuable and critical to an organization’s well-being as data. Data is used in everything from advertisements to finances to time tracking and much more. When data is so essential to our business world, how do we make sure to protect it?

The field of data security has grown immensely in the last decade, with a greater emphasis than ever on ensuring data integrity and proper use. We hear time after time about major corporations’ data breaches, with hundreds and thousands of company and personal data stolen and leaked. Businesses must continue to take strong measures in securing their private data.

Here are a few ways to ensure your company data stays private.

Limiting Data

The easiest way to protect data is by having less of it. While this idea is probably a less favorable option for many companies who rely heavily on data collection, taking and storing less data from customers and across the board can help reduce your risk of being hacked. If the information isn’t crucial to keep, don’t bother storing it.

Stronger Encryptions

When a company does decide to record and store sensitive data, it is imperative to use advanced encryption methods to secure it. Rather than relying on older 64-bit encryptions, make sure you use the latest 256-bit encryptions to decrease hacking abilities drastically. A strong encryption base can make all the difference in protecting sensitive data.

Update Regularly

When using data and security protection programs, make sure you update them as often as needed to have the latest versions. Having outdated programs can leave your company susceptible to data breaches and loss. Even recent programs can become obsolete quickly when not routinely updated to their newest versions.

Automate Processes

While data protection is necessary, it can also be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient to allow or reject every attempt for your servers manually. Instead, opt for an automated data security program like CognitiveOps Security.

This program uses Machine Learning and AI to analyze the current security protocols and verify trusted users. Once CognitiveOps Security can confirm security procedures, it can automate and better secure processes like firewall and data access.

By taking proactive steps to ensure data security, you can ensure your business stays secure and protected at all times. To learn more about CognitiveOps Security solutions for your business, contact us today.

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